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Ibiza Information
By Beachcomber, retrieved from Wikipedia
Nov 3, 2003, 11:08

Ibiza or Eivissa is one of the Balearic Islands (Illes Balears Catalan official name, Islas Baleares in Spanish) located in the Mediterranean Sea, and belonging to Spain. With Formentera, it is one of the two Illes PitiŁses. Major cities are Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Its official Catalan name is Eivissa; Ibiza is the Spanish name, now less used in Spain itself, though still dominant among speakers of English.


In 654 BCE Carthaginian settlers founded a port in the Balearic Islands, as Ibossim, later known to Romans (as "Ebusus") for its wine, marble, and lead. The Greeks who came to Ibiza during the time of the Carthaginians, were the first to call the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera, the Pitiusas ("pine-covered islands"). Ibiza became a major Carthaginian colony, and the island produced dye, salt, fish sauce (garum), and wool. A shrine with offerings to the goddess Tanit was established in the cave at Es Cuyram, and the rest of the Balearic Islands entered Eivissa's commercial orbit after 400 BCE.

The island was conquered by James I of Aragon in 1235.


Ibiza is a very popular tourist destination, especially due to its legendary riotous nightlife (mainly in Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the eastern shore).

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itsislandtime > Ibiza > Ibiza Information