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Lampedusa Information
By Beachcomber, retrieved from Wikipedia
Nov 3, 2003, 18:00

Lampedusa (Isola di Lampedusa in Italian) is the largest of the Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, 205 km from Sicily and 113 km from Tunisia. Politically and administratively it is a part of Italy, but geologically it belongs to Africa since the sea between the two is no deeper than 120 meters. The island's 20 are arid, with no sources of water other than irregular rainfall. The island's population of 5300 subsists on fishing, agriculture and tourism. The island was quickly lost to the British Forces during the Operation Corkscrew. On April 15, 1986, Libya fired two or three Scuds at the US Coast Guard navigation station on the Italian island, in retaliation for American bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi.

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itsislandtime > Lampedusa > Lampedusa Information