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The Fish Trap
By lm
Feb 16, 2004, 13:06

We've been to the island of St. John USVI so many times, that our arrival there each year has become a routine we enjoy - a tradition, if you will.  Since we travel there from the northeast US, we generally arrive on the island about five in the afternoon.  The advantage to staying in the same place during every visit is that we can settle in very quickly, freshen up and head to The Fish Trap, one of our favorite restaurants on the island.  The Fish Trap is located at the Raintree Court in Cruz Bay, the main "city" on St. John.  During our last trip, we discovered that the restaurant had been newly expanded to offer its guests even more of its open-air, garden-like charm.  Lots of fish net and fish decor adds to the atmosphere of this place.  There is also an air-conditioned bar complete with TV for those who arrive when there is a wait for a coveted table.  The Floor Manager, Craig Utley, is very congenial and recognizes us from year to year.  This year he was very anxious to show us around his new place!

The selection of seafood at this restaurant is vast and the wait staff will graciously answer any question you have about the interesting assortment of fish on the menu for the evening.  For starters, there is a delectable collection of frozen drinks to choose from - half price from 4 - 6 in the afternoon.  There are also early bird specials available for those who prefer dinner at an early hour.  The seafood dishes are all very imaginatively prepared and beautifully presented.  On this evening, I ordered escolar and shrimp over spouted greens, with a delightful pineapple and mango salad.  A medley of broccoli, cauliflower and squash, and a pilaf of rice and lentils was a nice accompaniment.  I certainly had no trouble enjoying every bite.  My husband opted for one of the early bird specials - a peppered Mahi-Mahi over greens with feta cheese and olives. 
For us this is a perfect way to begin our time in paradise.  With this in mind, we're already looking forward to our first evening on our next trip there.

itsislandtime > St. John > The Fish Trap