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Bonaire Information
By Beachcomber, retrieved from Wikipedia
Nov 2, 2003, 10:02

Bonaire (pop. 12,000) is an island in the Netherlands Antilles. Together with Aruba and Curaçao it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands.

Exploiting its natural topography, Bonaire has been a major supplier of salt to the USA for many years, and continues to do so through the flooding of flat-lands with sea water. It is also famed for its flamingo populations and its donkey sanctuary.

Bonaire is world renowned for its excellent scuba diving. The island is ringed by a coral reef that is easily accessible from the shore along the Western and Southern sides.

Lac Bay on the eastern side of the island is a windsurfer's paradise.

Klein Bonaire is a small islet formed just off the coast of the main island.

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itsislandtime > Bonaire > Bonaire Information