St. John
Fish Trap, St. John, USVI, has gone downhill badly
Feb 14, 2008, 10:47

We had a terrible experience at Fish Trap restaurant, on St. John, USVI, and want to warn others. We were told we'd have a 45-minute wait, which actually was a two-hour wait. The waitresses was curt and overworked. The manager was appallingly unfriendly and accusatory when we were leaving and complained about the lack of service and long wait. Her comment was "You did not have reservations." A comment that might have at least acknowledged our problem would have helped.The food is no longer anything other than ordinary, and in short, it was a truly miserable experience, coupled with being seated next to a table of loud drunks. We asked to be seated elsewhere, and given that the place was mostly empty at the time, we believed the waitress who said it would be 15 minutes until we could move. We waited and waited, and it never happened. What a truly bad experience!

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