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Easter Island
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Easter Island
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Nov 2, 2003, 19:34

Easter Island (Polynesian Rapa Nui, Spanish Isla de Pascua) lies in the south Pacific Ocean, west and slightly north of Santiago, Chile and is part of the territory of Chile (Valparaíso Region). The island is approximately triangular, with the southwest tip located at 27°10' S, 109°25' W, and is 2,075 kilometers (1,290 miles) from the nearest inhabited island (Pitcairn), and 3,515 kilometers (2,185 miles) from the coast of Chile. The island has an area of 163.6 km² (63 sq. miles), and the population is 3,791 (2002 census). The island is famous for its numerous 400-years-old stone statues located along the coastlines.

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